Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brochure Designer San Diego

Brochures are a perfect advertising or promotional middle ground between fliers and catalogs. Offering more room for information than print ads, but more portability and therefore ease of distribution than full sized catalogs, a well  designed brochure allows a detailed message or overview of your business to get to a broad base of potential clients. 

Vinyl Rocket in San Diego can act as your personal skilled brochure designer, working with you to develop brochures that speak to your customers and carry a lot of visual information and impact.  A professional brochure designer can pack a brochure with detail and information without causing it to look busy or crowded, with careful use of spacing and color and other elements of  print design. Vinyl Rocket also can handle all of your other graphic design work from web design to print ads, giving you a cohesive, singular visual style and image that ties in to your brochure design.   

We have experience designing for many different types and sizes of businesses, so whatever your particular needs our brochure designer service can compose a visual portfolio that suits your company.  Contact Vinyl Rocket today for your free consultation with one of San Diego’s top brochure designers.

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